A private agency or an Adelaide escorts is a way for a customer or a client to secure a date with someone at a short notice. These types of agencies are quite popular all over the world, especially in the United States. These agencies provide female as well as male escorts to their clients and customers, and then charge them on an hourly basis. These charges may vary according to the person's requirements and the time duration for which he or she needs an escort service.

How do these agencies promote their escorts?

A private escort agency will typically provide advertising to solicit clients. The advertising can be through word of mouth or in the form of print media such as newspapers, magazines, and billboards. In the current scenario, the advertising is done mostly through online websites or social media sites. Once a private agency hires an escort, he or she will be asked to pose for promotional shots and videos. These shots and videos will be then posted on online websites, social media sites, or passed along the regular customers to increase their reach.

In this way, a new escort is promoted by the private agency. Sometimes, the old or established escorts are asked to take along some new escorts to get them familiar with the client and their work. The escorts learn a lot better when accompanied by experienced seniors, as they can closely look inside their work environment and techniques.

Some established private agencies also have their official websites maintained. They post everything, from their escorts' photographs and details to their clients' details, charges, as well as usual requirements. By maintaining such an escort directory, these agencies can handle big events as well as large offers easily. These escort directories help the agency employees to select an ideal escort for any client request.

Are these agencies legally allowed to offer such escort services?

Several escort agencies claim that they do not provide any type of sexual entertainment or services to their clients and customers. Instead, their services only consist of companionship and escorting. They claim that all their escorts go and do is provide conversational as well as social services to their clients; whether in private or public events. These agencies need to walk carefully on the edges, since prostitution laws in several countries prohibit escorts from engaging in any kind of sexual activity with their clients, in return for payment.

Private escort agencies are different than brothels or prostitution centers in the way that they do not provide any kind of sexual services to their clients, rather they just provide people to accompany their clients in any private or social event as their dates. The government also allows the operation of such agencies, after going through their entire history records and current activities. Such agencies are properly licensed by the government, and they are also asked to pay taxes.


In conclusion, escort services or private agencies should not be confused with brothels or prostitution centers. These agencies only offer companions or escorts to the clients for several non-sexual services, like going on a date, social services, conversational services, etc.